Heli-ride and stepping onto ice

Date: 2014-01-23
Pos: 51°37.57 S, 179°26.61 E
Sea: 2 m
Wind: W 12 m/s

We were lucky with good weather while following the ice shelf edge, so the heli ride did happen. In these areas it´s important to have proper visibility for safety reasons. Thanks to the Kiwi pilots Steve and Ricky and engineer Daegal we got to check out the big Getz ice shelf and glacier from above. Looking south over the glacier there was only flat whiteness to the horizon.

Getz Ice Shelf

On the way out through the ice there was a stop to take some ice cores, which was an opportunity to leave the ship for a while. It was a great sense of freedom to put on the skis and enjoy a day on the ice. Some distance away from the ship I could experience total silence and stillness for the first time since our departure. There was also close encounters with Ross- and Crabeater Seals and some curious Adélie penguins. Certainly one of my best ski trips ever.

 Only 1762 km left to the Pole

 Busy day for a Crabeater Seal

 Penguin meeting

 My name is Lefty

 Talking to me? (Photo: Johan Rolandsson)


  1. Hur många fallhöjdsmetrar på den skidfärden? Fina bilder. Ser mäktigt ut.

  2. Oj, vad vi väntar på att det ska bli måndag middag/eftermiddag! De små gubbarna berättar i skolan/förskolan, vad de ska göra på måndag - åka till Landvetter och hämta pappa Ola. De vill också se fler bilder på pingvinerna och sälarna! Hoppas de sista dagarna av expeditionen förlöper fint!